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Looking to find some dirt on Kris? Kris's biography is the place to be then. Look here to find out about Kris's professional background, hobbies, interests, etcetera.

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Are you trying to find the most passionate editorial available known to man? Look no further! Kris Mortensen's Rant is where Kris blows off a little steam, sharing his views on politics, music, religion, education, you name it...his view will be shared. If you would like to suggest something to be editorialized, just email The Man with your suggestions!

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Do you truly believe that Kris is "The Man"? Do you want to show the nay sayers around you what they are up against? Support "The Man's" cause by purchasing a t-shirt (yes, we have small sizes Marie). All funds will go to spewing off more and more propaganda proving daily that Kris Mortensen really is "The Man".


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