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Thank you for visiting krismortensen.com. Your visit is very much appreciated! While you are here, please stay for an extended period of time and enjoy the full experience of my website - large numbers of visitors spending a great amount of time does great things for my ego!

If you are a first time visitor to krismortensen.com, you might be asking yourself questions like "Why am I here?" or "What can be done at krismortensen.com?" Not to worry - I have a quick answer for you. For the most part you are probably here because you are one of my students, I made you come here to complete an assignment, and you are begrudingly obeying my every command. In that case, if you are one of my students, this site is truly for you. Here, you can view course materials, take practice exams, view study guides, participate in helpful forums, and view boundless extraneous resources that I have compiled myself. If you are not a student, this site is still of great advantage. This site is primarily a technical site which should provide solutions or resources for many questions that you as a professional, enthusiast, or just a regular user will need.

The "Classes" link is a link exclusively for my students, but anyone can view the materials listed there if you want to poke around.

The "Resources" link is a link that will show you a multitude of resources on many topics. These topics are currently technical in nature, but I hope to expand them in the future.

The "Community" link is a link that will provide common users of this site access to those highly valued forums - remember, the more people that get involved, the better a forum is. Bring your technical questions here for starters. If the technical ones work well, I will branch off into other subjects.

Again, thank you for your visit and enjoy your time here.

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